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Fuel: The Ambition Series for Guardian Labs & HSBC

HSBC and Guardian Labs presents Fuel Series: Tools for success for the ambitious

Suzanne developed, wrote and presented a series of three workshops uncovering the tools for success for the ambitious in the 21st Century.

Workshop 1 - The art of the pause: Mastering attention in a distracting world
Are you finding it hard to focus in this distracting world? These workshops explore how our global epidemic of short-termism is changing our neural pathways, and explores strategies for deeper engagement to enable us to pursue our ambitions with renewed focus. 

Workshop 2 – Mastering choice: Recognise and overcome unconscious bias
This workshop demonstrates how we can overcome our own biases based on our upbringing, our beliefs, and even our lack of time. We will demonstrate how to reconsider the way we think to help remove unconscious bias. We’ll show how to creatively explore different perspectives which will enable us to make better decisions and take better actions in our careers, personal or family life.

Workshop 3 – Talents for the robotic age: The competitive edge in the 21st centuryThis workshop challenges participants to debate what it means to be human today. The session will explore the skills and talents that are required to be future-ready and reach our true potential, whatever our ambitions in life, home and work. It’s commonly assumed that hard skills are the key to success but as we enter the robotic age, our soft skills are more crucial than ever before.

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