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VIVID Ideas: Best practice, schmactice: what creative business owners can do when the text book fails

Here’s the thing: there’s a gap between business theory and business reality. Best practice, schmactice! This business stuff is hard and this creative business stuff is even harder. The self-help seminars and business text books never warned you there'd be days like that. It was all rose petals, gold nuggets and creative satisfaction.

Well not this time. In this session, you’ll hear from three people who know the best practice but have confronted the schmactice. We are ready to unpack what really happens in a creative business.

Tony Shannon and David Sharpe are business advisors specialising in the creative industries. Between them, they’ve worked with more than 200 creative industry businesses up close and deep. They've even run the odd creative business. Sometimes successfully, sometimes woefully and embarrassingly badly. They’re joined by Suzanne Boccalatte, design maven and creative thought leader, who runs a successful design agency and has walked the walk. Now hear them talk the walk.

They’ll walk and talk you through the theory vs reality of running a creative business. The plan is to make it lively and, if everything goes according to the plan, interactive. What it will certainly be full of, is real life stories from the creative business trenches.

Suzanne, David and Tony want you to leave knowing not what the text books tell you do, but what you can do to make a go of your creative business adventure (and find the joy again).