Bundanon — Building a heritage brand as part of our future

Boccalatte repositioned the Bundanon from an organisation steeped in a long history of the Boyd family to a contemporary, unique and compelling centre for the arts. Overhauling the brand from small national offering to an internationally recognised cultural destination.

Visiting remotely

Visiting remotely

Three hours drive from Sydney; Bundanon is a unique place, with the landscape at its core and a diverse range of cultural activities such as artist-in-residence programs and education initiatives. Over the last 10 years we have worked together to create a strong and recognisable brand and visual identity, award-winning printed pieces, online applications, environmental graphics.

Most recently we revisited Bundanon’s website with our old friends over at the Interaction Consortium.  The site forms an important entry point into the world of Bundanon and insight into the magical and transformative power of the Shoalhaven landscape.

Even if you can’t visit, with the website you can now be there.

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Screenshot 2015-01-30 10.00.06.png