Carriageworks — Creating a compelling and celebrated cultural brand

As social and cultural enablers, ‘intent’ is the one of most important things we can have. It is a promise and one that cannot be faked. Derived from Latin intentus ‘lean toward’, or literally ‘stretching out’. This is exactly what Carriagework’s brand has communicated over the past few years—a clear purpose, tenacity and an impeccable attention to detail.

Show Don’t Tell

Show Don’t Tell

Carriageworks’ vision is to be recognised as an international cultural precinct that engages and inspires Sydney’s culturally diverse communities. We have worked closely with Carriageworks’ Director Lisa Havilah since 2011 to develop a bold and simple visual identity and digital presence that complements the vastness of its physical space. Carriageworks' brand is as robust and consistent as its program delivery. Its intent is conveyed by actions not by claims.

We created a visual identity transforming the perception of an old rail yard in the minds of a growing cultural audience to a bustling cultural precinct. The website is an audacious and expansive tour through the innovative Carriageworks program. The brand communications are driven by bold use of imagery and minimal detail and it is consistent in demonstrating earnest attention. 



In four years, Carriageworks has seen seven-fold increase in public attendances and more than a doubling in revenue. Now that is impact. Why did it work? Carriageworks has a maintained a strong vision, developed a clear understanding of its audience, programmed excellent content and created a robust brand. 

As writer George Elliot once said ‘Genius is the capacity for receiving and improving by discipline.’ Bravery, discipline and single-mindedness are the things that Carriageworks excels in.

When you work with Boccalatte you enter into a completely collaborative open and creative process. It is through this process that the work is reflective of and engaged with artists, the program and the institution.
Lisa Havilah, Director.