MAAS — The rebirth of one of Australia's leading and most loved museums

We consulted with a new executive team to audaciously brand three iconic venues under one auspice—Australia’s leading Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences.

Stakeholder engagement, brand platform and visual identity

Stakeholder engagement, brand platform and visual identity

Research revealed a long-standing need to define the Museum’s offering and set it apart from the many museum options in the Australia's 'what’s on list.' We worked with executive, board and senior management in a time of significant organisational change to redevelop the brand architecture, brand platform and visual identity. 

The desired result was to bring sub-brands the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory and Discovery Centre under the parent MAAS. The brand overhaul, inline with the context of the 2020 Vision and Strategic Plan, was developed under the concept “surprising minds”. Clarifying the promise of things to come for visitors to all three MAAS venues, as well as an internal guiding principle for exhibition curation, marketing and communication design.



Boccalatte worked closely with MAAS to deliver a suite of key assets including the website and a comprehensive brand style guide covering all aspects of the new visual identity system. The transition from three distinct venues to a single proposition is a significant work in progress. 

Organisational change, major building works and complete repurposing of the Discovery Centre made it impossible to implement an overnight ‘switch’ to the new brand. 

Boccalatte continue to consult to MAAS in the transition period, to position themselves at the forefront of contemporary museums. The new brand and relaunch of MAAS was celebrated through the new website at